Irem Rog (Movie Review)

Irem Rog, a young man from Egypt, has decided to become a professional dancer. But he is not ready for that yet. He’s still in school studying ballet and is still very much unsure of himself.

Irem Rog’s life changes abruptly when he is hired by an Italian fashion designer, Mario Testino. The two are on an intense business trip in Venice. On the plane, the two become good friends and I’m Rog even learns that Mario is Jewish.

During the flight, the two find out that they have very similar tastes in clothes. Mario has a very big closet and has a very large collection of clothing, whereas Irem Rog’s closet is very small and has none at all. As it turns out, I’m Rog is really interested in what Mario knows about his taste in clothes and so he tries to learn as much as he can.

Eventually, Mario asks Irem Rog to meet him in New York. Irem Rog is very nervous about it and the two go to a hotel. Mario is more excited than ever before about Irem Rog and so the two of them begin meeting up frequently.

When Mario comes back from New York, he tells Irem Rog that he’s going to open a dance studio in Irem Rog’s apartment building. They agree to meet in Italy in three weeks.

In the meantime, Mario and Irem Rog do their own thing, spending their time together, which is nice because Mario does not want to work alone. Irem Rog also gets to have fun with Mario and gets to know the world that Mario lives in and it gives him a good feeling.

Irem Rog’s first night in Italy, he realizes that the only way to get into his apartment is through the window. So on the night of the opening, he goes up to the window and knocks. However, the Italian security guards are very rude and he ends up being thrown out.

Irem Rog becomes very depressed and when he sees how Mario is treated, he decides that he is not going to live like that anymore. So he decides to go back to school and become a dancer.

During this time, I’m Rog gets involved with Mario and a local girl named Yumi. Irem Rog is very attracted to her and she even starts dating him.

However, one day, Yumi leaves for her job and Irem Rog is devastated. He decides to get revenge on her by cheating on her boyfriend. But Mario overhears this and decides to do the same thing.

The next day, Mario catches Irem Rog and throws him into jail. Mario gets a new identity and starts working hard to catch Mario.

On his third day, Mario finally catches up with Irem Rog and breaks out of prison. But he does not know where he’s going. He then decides to go to Italy and begins to look for an alternate way to reach Irem Rog. He finds the key to Irem Rog’s apartment in an old trunk he’s found and so he takes off to search for it.

Eventually, Mario finds Irem Rog and he’s so happy to see him that he decides to marry him. They’re married for a couple of years until Yumi discovers the truth about Mario’s story.

In the end, I’m Rog reveals that he was a spy and has been hiding behind Mario’s back. He had been living undercover as Mario’s friend in order to keep track on Mario’s activities. Irem also reveals that Mario’s name is Irem Rog.

With all of this information, Mario knows what he must do next. He needs to win back Yumi and in order to do this, he needs to learn more about Irem.

Irem and Mario have a lot of fun in this movie. This movie is a great romantic comedy about a couple who finally get married and enjoy their lives. Irem also shows Mario how to be more confident in his career.