IREM Charitable Trust, Inc. – A Non-Profit Organization

The Institute of Real estate Management (IREM) Charlotte is an independent professional company for those involved with the real estate business in and around Charlotte, North Carolina. IREM is based in Charlotte, North Carolina and provides services to over 30 members in the Charlotte area and to over sixty members around the country.

IREM is a non-profit corporation and operates as a registered charitable trust. IREM’s mission is to provide an avenue for people of all ages to become self-employed in the Charlotte-area.

IREM has a website, with information about IREM, their philosophy, history, and mission. IREM is also home to an e-mailing list, where members can communicate with each other about any IREM-related issues. In addition, members have the opportunity to create a local IREM chapter or a national IREM chapter.

IREM has an online newsletter and a free webinar series. They also have a radio show, hosted by John Rabe, on WXI (WINK-FM). The radio show is called Real Estate News Tonight.

IREM provides a newsletter that highlights current IREM news as well as information about upcoming IREM events. Other services offered are a free newsletter on IREM’s website, which includes IREM Charlotte events, local news, and IREM publications.

IREM has an official Facebook page. As a member of IREM Charlotte, you may join IREM Charlotte’s official Facebook group.

IREM is affiliated with many Charlotte-area professional organizations and provides training programs at the Charlotte Metro Marriott. IREM also sponsors the IREM Charlotte Convention.

IREM has a newsletter available online and a blog available online. IREM offers information on all areas of real estate related to real estate marketing, including: property tax preparation, home inspections, mortgage lending, investment property sales, buying, selling, marketing, advertising, and financial consulting.

IREM also provides training to a select group of individuals who meet monthly for one on one training. These members are allowed to attend IREM’s workshops on one of the topics of their choice during the monthly meeting.

IREM has an Internet website for its members. IREM Charlotte members may also register at IREM Charlotte’s official website and may attend IREM Charlotte’s webinars and workshops on various topics of interest.

IREM Charlotte is also home to an official Facebook page, which provide information about IREM, its mission, history, and upcoming events, as well as the website of IREM Charlotte. Charitable Trust. IREM Charitable Trust also offers information about IREM Charlotte’s events, including upcoming meetings and special offers.

IREM Charitable Trust is a non-profit organization that is responsible for all of IREM Charlotte’s business transactions. IREM Charitable Trust also manages IREM Charlotte’s tax returns.

IREM Charitable Trust serves as an information provider for its members on local and state tax laws and is involved in all legal matters that relate to IREM Charitable Trust. IREM Charitable Trust has an address and mailing address listed as its headquarters at 801 W. Belmont Street, Suite 300, Charlotte, NC 28212.

IREM Charitable Trust, Inc., is incorporated as an organization of the state of North Carolina and is listed at 775 Concord Street, Suite 300, Charlotte, NC 28203. IREM Charitable Trust serves as the fiscal agent of IREM Charitable Trust, Inc. and is also named as the exclusive trustee of IREM Charitable Trust, Inc.. IREM Charitable Trust is a separate legal entity from IREM Charitable Trust, Inc.

The IREM Charitable Trust, Inc., is a member of the United States Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Manufacturers, National Franchise Association, and American Business Directory. IREM Charitable Trust, Inc. is a member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, and the National Network for Credit Counseling.

IREM Charitable Trust, Inc. was incorporated in April of 1997 and was originally formed to provide financial and other support to IREM Charitable Trust, Inc., an educational charity based in Charlotte. IREM Charitable Trust, Inc., is a non-profit organization. that supports its purpose by providing monetary gifts, grants, loans, and charitable contributions to organizations that are dedicated to community service. and education.

IREM Charitable Trust provides financial assistance to organizations that promote community development, provide education and outreach, develop and strengthen neighborhoods, and create opportunities for disadvantaged youth and families. Through this program, IREM Charitable Trust, Inc. promotes and enhances volunteerism, community involvement, and community goodwill. IREM Charitable Trust is committed to providing quality services to its members and affiliates, such as free and confidential financial advice, legal services, assistance in planning, development, and implementation of volunteer programs, and referral services for volunteers.