Irem Amo Book Review

The novel Irem Amo by A.D. Abu Dhabi has been recently released in bookstores. Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which is a member of the United Nations. This novel is about a young girl who falls in love with her own father, a man she never knew she had. What Irem Amo is, however, is a story about how love grows within the family.

Irem Amo starts out as a book about a family and their struggles with love and the challenges it brings. The story revolves around a young boy named Saad, who happens to be the middle child of nine children, each with his own name and destiny. One day, while playing with a friend, he meets an old woman named Naim who shows him a secret world and teaches him how to use his mind to achieve the things that were never possible before. When Saad returns home, however, he discovers that he does not have a place in this world and so begins a long series of failures.

However, when Saad falls in love with Naim and the rest of the family, the secret world becomes too much for Saad to handle. Naim has already moved on, leaving her son in a position where he has no one to guide him but himself. He also has no one to turn to when he is in need of support. The only person in his life who he can trust is his brother Ahmed. The two become a couple, but Ahmed has trouble coming to terms with his sexuality, something that bothers him all his life.

Despite his shortcomings, however, Saad realizes that love is the key to his happiness. He decides to give Naim a gift that she always wanted – a plane ticket. This gift will enable her to move to his home country, which she only dreams about, and become his best friend and confidante. The two of them spend years together, building a family together and sharing their lives with the people of their new country.

The romance in Irem Amo is one of its strongest aspects. Throughout the book, Saad is forced to confront his true feelings for Naim. At first, he has doubts, but then he comes to realize that they have more in common than what most people think. When he goes on his first plane trip to the Middle East, he and Naim share a kiss on the plane and realize how much they love each other. As the book progresses, it becomes clear that Saad’s feelings for Naim are not just because of the love that a parent feels for his child, but also because of love for his life – a longing to return to it after many years of exile.

The plot of Irem Amo does not start off as a romance, but it develops into one as the plot unfolds. When Saad falls in love with Naim, his mother urges him to take the time to think about his life and how he wants to spend it. Eventually, he decides that he wants to go back to school and pursue his dream. His mother’s words to convince him to pursue this goal and the reader is taken along with him to fulfill his dreams.

The story ends in Irem Amo, the main character deciding that she will live her life by following her dreams. She leaves the family, moves in with a new man and returns home. The narrator of Irem Amo reveals to the reader that she plans to become a writer, which may seem a little odd, but it makes sense given that this book was written during the time when writing was not considered a career.

If you like this novel, you should read Irem Amo. It will touch your heart with passion. It might even inspire you to write your own book! You can find out more about Irem Amo, the author, and her book at her official website.